The 21st century big joke consequences

10/08/2015 23:48

By André Luis Hanum - 07/04/2015


The human being has been evolving for thousands of years. There are still doubts about whether there was a natural evolution of the species of apes or there was intervention of some extraterrestrial intelligence (The Bible says that God was) by modifying the DNA of primates entering the gift of reason, intelligence, speaking, writing, ingenuity, and other colleges which distinguish human beings from other species.


Some primates differ from others of the same species, breaking nuts with stones or capturing termites using sticks that inseriam in their nests by pulling out the poor unsuspecting insects which were then devoured.

There is therefore a difference between the level of evolution from the same species. There are monkeys who can not use artifacts such as tools, just as there are fish that are better hunters than others. There is there an indication of progress, however small by environmental necessity.


Planet Bears have adapted much they eat from salmon to bamboo. But nothing compares with the intellect difference of rational human being (reasoning) of other irrational animals. Perhaps those who come closest are the dolphins. But because today they did not leave the water? Even the crocodiles and alligators oviparous breathing, depend on water and the earth and the sun's heat to survive. It's very confusing. And to think they are still cold blooded animals! The good: anyway we are living here together.


Even in the plant kingdom, we find some plants that demonstrate some ability to find a way to survive, whether in the desert or anywhere else on the planet, even in the roughest places like the Hawaiian Islands. The cactus deserts stores water in its robust stem to survive in drier times. Some plants can "walk" when designing its roots in one direction, straggling up the rear roots. Maybe they're looking for more light or more water. But this is partly a rude intelligence!


But back to the human being, so we know he pretty much came out of the caves and began building pyramids and pan for gold! What happened in this relatively short time? Who wanted gold in the time he was not a bargaining chip and was useless, especially for being human ancestor.


The ancient Earth had no life. Studies indicate that there was no oxygen in Earth's atmosphere. These studies also indicate that emerged some form of life that fed the pollution of the seas containing several dissolved substances such as CO2, methane, sulfur and other substances know to whom were there. Those agencies began metabolize those substances and release sea oxygen into the atmosphere. This should have lasted for millions of years.


The theory states that these microscopic beings filtered primitive seas, generating enough oxygen and nitrogen that EIA on their way to the atmosphere, initially very diverse, with regard to the various gases present.


Then the inevitable happened: Organisms consumed so many substances generating so much oxygen that Earth's atmosphere reached the limit imposed by nature a balance. The atmosphere was imposed by nature to be 21% Oxygen and 79% Nitrogen. As nature has imposed this condition is not known and you want to find someone.


In reality the atmosphere is not composed of oxygen and nitrogen only; the atmosphere is composed of 78.09% of nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% Argon, 0.039% carbon dioxide (CO2) and small amounts of other gases. The air contains a variable amount of water vapor on average 1%.


He who believes 0.039% CO2 is trapping the sun's heat in the Earth's delirious or handler is dangerous to the health of the planet. Someone is going deceptive information to the public.


As the oxygen content increased, passing from the balance established by nature, came the moment of nature delete the excess oxygen from the atmosphere, because the limit was exceeded. The way that nature found was to turn the excess oxygen into ozone. Oxygen is a gas (O 2) formed by the union of two atoms of the element, which is also called Oxygen and ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms.


The ozone layer began to be formed on the layer of the atmosphere and proved to be very useful for absorbing ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun. Without this protection, life would be impossible on Earth. Returning to the excess oxygen which began to saturate the given limit by nature, he had to be transformed into ozone. But nothing in the universe is lost or won, everything changes, from mass (Lavoisier) to energy.


The way that nature found was through lightning, departing links Oxygen (O2) in atoms and gather them into new combinations in triple oxygen atoms (Ozone), which rise more than 25 km of altitude, covering the atmosphere and protecting life against ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun. Lightning or lightning are electrical discharges that occur between clouds and the earth, and natural phenomenon of great destructive power. References were found in Mesopotamia (2200 BC), in Greek mythology (700 BC), among others. Of all the known superstitions, the one that lasted was one that stated that the destructive effects of lightning would be associated with a "stone that fell from heaven at the end of the same."


It is now known that the stones found along the chipped trees or dead animals because of lightning come from the merger of soil material, due to the development of high temperatures on site.

It is known that the occurrence of lightning on the planet is quite old, that is, from the early days of the formation of the atmosphere. This phenomenon is produced by the storm clouds, called cumulus-nimbus. These formed ice clouds and water droplets in an environment where rising air currents coexist and descendants, with temperature fluctuations of 5 degrees at its base to the altitude 1500 to 2000 meters, and 64 degrees below zero on its top with 14,000 meters of altitude , average.


The origin of the clouds is water that evaporates from lakes, rivers or seas skyward through a process of change in entropy, where there is absorption of solar energy or not. These clouds would be suspended indefinitely if nature does not find a way to return that energy in the form of electricity, discharging it to earth, producing light and thunder. When there is discharge, water and ice in suspension lose their energy previously acquired evaporation, increase density and thus fall occurring rain. The noise or thunder is the result of the reaction between oxygen (02) producing ozone (03), sharply reducing the volume because the oxygen reaction to ozone involves 1.5 oxygen molecules to form an ozone molecule, reaction to this absorbs some of the energy of the beam; hence the noise due to abrupt reduction of volume of gases.


The phenomenon of energy absorption by water to evaporate by the change in entropy (increasing disorder). The formula is ΔG = ΔG ° -TΔS, where G is the system power, G ° the initial energy, S is the entropy and Δ means change, and the way that nature found to transform this energy into electricity, could be a the forms of energy used by mankind in a few centuries.


The depletion of the ozone layer is just the opposite, that is, the nature defined as constant the oxygen / nitrogen in the atmosphere as fixed 21%, and what is happening today is that the human being, with the burning of fossil fuels It is decreasing the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. But as the ratio must be constant, i.e., 21% nature is supplying the amount of oxygen in excess she stored, or ozone. If we do not stop now spend, ozone and eventually take along the oxygen. This is true because the hole in the ozone layer is increasing.


But what does this have to do with global warming that both have given rise to discussions and doubts. In 1995 he was given the Nobel Prize chemist Mario Molina to propose by the CFC (Chloro Fluoro Carbon) was responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer. Subsequently the farce was unmasked to promote the sale of another type of gas for use in cooling. This CFC gas is so dense that it can not evaporate until the Ozone layer that reaches 50 km altitude. Laboratory experiments should never be understood in different macroscopically environments.


Discuss politics is not interesting as well as religion. Each has an opinion and democracy recommends tolerance to all opinions. Unfortunately there are differences and intolerances sometimes coming to radicalism. The creed is free, but it should not become a weapon of war. Millions of people have died because of their faith. This is a fact that we should not ignore. But when those humans began to believe to some divinity?


The Egyptians worshiped the sun, moon, cats, monkeys, snakes, beetles and other things and beings. The Egyptian people went into decline after King Akhenaten, father of Tutankhamun, postulated that the only god that the people should believe was the sun (Aton = RA). Unfortunately the empire collapsed, perhaps for other reasons, after centuries of glory and prosperity. What happened then? Lack of faith in the Monkey? Or just a coincidence of fate?


Now we go human heading to a destination unknown, perhaps the chaos and the end of humanity. The third war need not happen because we are already at war with nature. The Earth is no longer managing to produce food and drinking water for many people.

At the beginning of mankind, humans hunted with sticks, stones and rudimentary spears. They ate raw fighters and lack thereof, fruits and roots found around. Sometimes they went hungry.


In Africa they happened scenes of cannibalism forced by hunger and the strongest individuals fed on the flesh of his own fellow tribesmen to survive. The scene must have been very strong for young people who learned early to kill because of hunger.


The prehistoric man discovered how to make fire and thought he was fantastic, especially when there was a fire in the woods. But to be able to produce the fire, they found that longer lasting food cooked before rot. After that, they began to cook roots, frying meat and so keeping them longer, were less sick and the population can grow healthier. But then it got another oxygen consumption on the planet, in addition to natural fires occurring in forests, among other outlets.


The earth always answered relieved with your Oxygen replacement power thanks to the huge amount of vegetables that make photosynthesis. The early humans began to fell trees to provide firewood and other uses. With this, they consume oxygen and killing the producer of Oxygen, which was the tree. Burning generated CO2 and other gases, but the scale was so small it did not hurt at all the balance of the planet. Volcanoes and forest fires were far greater damage than those small fires.


Thinking about 10,000 families making fires in this immense planet is one thing, but what happened in the 19th century industrial revolution is another. The invention of the steam engine and the power of petroleum products promoted a sudden shift in the consumption of oxygen. Aviation then ... Today there are aircraft that consume more than 20,000 liters of fuel per flight hour and for this burn oxygen.

Here it comes to consumption of oxygen rather than creation of greenhouse gases. How 0.039% of CO2 in the atmosphere can make such a greenhouse. This is ridiculous. The sun is that it is more penetrating with its rays on glaciers, in the absence of the ozone layer due to excessive oxygen consumption.


At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, huge steam locomotives, consuming high quantities of coal to heat water for the steam.


The invention of gunpowder by the Chinese was more a joke to burn oxygen for nothing, and in pyrotechnics or its use in wars.


Coal is burning dead for thousands of years and the wood itself, are remains of trees producing oxygen that are slaughtered for turning wood to consume oxygen. Watch how the human being walks for collective suicide: 1) drop the tree so that it turn wood 2) burn wood for energy consuming oxygen that was produced by the felled tree.

The synergistic effect is twofold. The human being kills the air supplier (O2) breathing.


There are examples of ancient peoples who traveled following the migratory route of birds. They believed that the birds could not be flapping indefinitely. Sooner, or later, they would have to land as indeed they did. They landed on Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean.

There existed a lush jungle with huge trees and diverse vegetation, but the people who arrived there exhausted took into their canoes many rats. Since they had more tools to rebuild their boats began to make huge sculptures, perhaps to draw attention to some other boat, that could lead back.

But the consumption of logs from trees to haul the huge statues, was gradually annihilating the forest. Even worse: The rodents that led to ride ate the seeds of trees felled.


Thus they were born more trees. Hunger the people cannibalize and end disappears leaving the islands without trees and without rodents. Today is being done replanting of existing species supposedly at the time and the place is turning into a tourist attraction. There are now daydreaming about the prehistory of humans. Question is: Because they were so fond of gold if the salt was most needed? Gold could not be eaten, not served as a bargaining chip and only was beautiful.

Formerly there was much gold that maybe from the death of a star which has become a white dwarf. Shards of several liquid metals were flung in different directions and much of this material fell to the ground. One thing we know well: The diamonds are formed on Earth, but gold does not.


Continuing with the fires of ancient tribes, more forest fires and huge volcanic eruptions, the Earth could maintain balance. The devastation of forests for agriculture and training of livestock to pastures did the earth begin to suffer the extensive layer of ozone that existed reverting to the oxygen, his natural father, who was being rapidly consumed, made holes appear in the layer filter ultraviolet rays, gaping at the sun directly hit the glaciers, warming them and dissolving. The water of the glaciers change the behavior of ocean currents, which also changes the global climate behavior. Never seen so many tornadoes, typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and other disorders in the weather. The oceans are rising. Gradually coastlines are being swallowed by the sea.


Even as the hole will increase? Will increase as long as consumption of oxygen and plants fail to replace what was consumed ... How long will last this reversal? It will last as long as there Ozone, of course. Meanwhile the scorching sun will easily penetrate unprotected planet warming glaciers, dissolving them. Most plants die. The rivers dry up, because there will be no plants to retain moisture of rain. The animals will starve. Humans will be locked under roofs or wrapped in protective covers radiation and will slowly and gradually boiled to death. Few remaining jungles able to consume CO2 producing Oxygen and Ozone some clouds begin to appear. Both groups will be able to survive these large untouched forests where uncontacted tribes will form and will be ... we have not seen this before?


These elements survivors find wreckage of objects and will not understand the meaning of their existence. This will be the New World Order, which both claim the Illuminati.


It was more a past written on planet Earth and once again the curious survivors emerge seeking explanations of why their near annihilation.